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Hematopoiesis News 3.22 June 5, 2012
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Inhibitory Receptors Bind Angiopoietin-Like Proteins and Support Blood Stem Cells and Leukemia Development
Scientists uncover an unexpected functional significance of classical immune-inhibitory receptors in maintenance of stemness of normal adult stem cells and in support of cancer development. [Nature]
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Melanoma Exosomes Educate Bone Marrow Progenitor Cells Toward a Pro-Metastatic Phenotype through MET
Researchers showed that exosome production, transfer and education of bone marrow cells supports tumor growth and metastasis, has prognostic value and offers promise for new therapeutic directions in the metastatic process. [Nat Med] Abstract | Press Release

A Stapled BCL-2-Interacting Mediator of Cell Death Peptide Overcomes Apoptotic Resistance in Hematologic Cancers
Investigators found that broad and multimodal targeting of the BCL-2 family pathway can overcome pathologic barriers to cell death. [J Clin Invest] Full Article | Press Release

FANCL Ubiquitinates Beta-Catenin and Enhances Its Nuclear Function
Scientists suggest that diminished Wnt/beta-catenin signaling may be an underlying molecular defect in FANCL-deficient hematopoietic stem cells leading to their accelerated loss. [Blood] Abstract

FGF-2 Expands Murine Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells via Proliferation of Stromal Cells, c-Kit Activation and CXCL12 Downregulation
Researchers revealed a novel mechanism underlying FGF-2 mediated in vivo expansion of both hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells and their supportive stromal cells. [Blood] Abstract

The Endothelial Antigen ESAM Monitors Hematopoietic Stem Cell Status between Quiescence and Self-Renewal
Scientists showed that expression of endothelial cell-selective adhesion molecule (ESAM) can be a powerful indicator of hematopoietic stem cell activation. [J Immunol] Abstract

Hyaluronan Expressed by the Hematopoietic Microenvironment Is Required for Bone Marrow Hematopoiesis
Researchers suggest that hyaluronan (HA) depletion reduces the ability of the microenvironment to support hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells, and confirm a role for HA as a necessary regulatory element in the structure of the hematopoietic microenvironment. [J Biol Chem] Abstract | Full Article

Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Stem Cells Display Alterations in the Expression of Genes Involved in Oxidative Phosphorylation
Researchers suggest that abnormal expression of mitochondrial respiratory chain genes may facilitate electron “leakage” to promote production of reactive oxygen species and accumulation of genomic instability in leukemia stem cells in imatinib-naive and imatinib-treated patients. [Leuk Lymphoma] Abstract


A Phase I/II Study of Carfilzomib in Combination with Lenalidomide and Low-Dose Dexamethasone as a Frontline Treatment for Multiple Myeloma
This phase I/II study in patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma assessed carfilzomib, lenalidomide and weekly dexamethasone-in 28-day cycles. [Blood] Abstract | Press Release

Treatment of Philadelphia Chromosome-Positive Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia with Imatinib Combined with a Pediatric-Based Protocol
The clinical course of 32 adults age 18-60 years with Philadelphia chromosome positive-acute lymphoblastic leukemia treated with a pediatric-based protocol plus imatinib was evaluated. [Br J Haematol] Abstract

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29 Johns Hopkins Stem Cell Researchers Awarded Funding from the Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund
The Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund awarded 29 of 40 grants to Johns Hopkins researchers for the study of stem cell metabolism and regulation, the creation of new cell models for human diseases such as schizophrenia and Rett syndrome and the development of new potential therapies. [The Johns Hopkins University] Press Release

CHOC Children’s Research Project Awarded $5.5 Million Grant from the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine
A Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) Children’s research project has been awarded a $5.5 million grant from the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine. The grant will be used to develop a stem cell-based therapy for the treatment of mucopolysaccharidosis as well as defects in other major organ systems. [Children’s Hospital of Orange County] Press Release

Medical Fellows in Hematology Awarded Grant to Encourage Research Careers
The American Society of Hematology (ASH) announced the five recipients of the 2012 ASH Research Training Award for Fellows, a grant that encourages junior researchers in hematology-related training programs to pursue careers in academic hematology by providing protected time to conduct research during their fellowship training. [American Society of Hematology] Press Release


White House Petitioned to Make Research Free to Access
More than 17,000 people have signed an online petition urging US President Barack Obama to require all scientific journal articles resulting from US taxpayer-funded research to be made freely available online. [White House, United States] Press Release

Horizon 2020: A €80 Billion Battlefield for Open Access
As negotiations proceed to shape the next installment of Europe’s gargantuan research funding programs, scientists, librarians, and publishers are eagerly awaiting the answer to a critical question: How strong will the new seven-year program, called Horizon 2020, be on Open Access? [European Commission, European Union] Press Release

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Food and Drug Administration (United States)
Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (United States)
European Medicines Agency (European Union)

Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (United Kingdom)

Therapeutic Goods Administration (Australia)


NEW European School of Haematology (ESH) – European Group for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT) Training Course: Hemopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
April 26-29, 2013
Syracuse, Italy
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Research Associate – Chemistry (STEMCELL Technologies, Inc.)

Research Associate – Particle Chemistry (STEMCELL Technologies, Inc.)

Research Technologist – Contract Assay Services (STEMCELL Technologies, Inc.)

Research Technologist – Media Development (STEMCELL Technologies, Inc.)

Scientist – Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (STEMCELL Technologies Inc.)

Scientist – Epithelial Cell Research (STEMCELL Technologies Inc.)

Scientist – Mesenchymal Cell Research (STEMCELL Technologies, Inc.)

Business Analyst – Product Management (STEMSOFT Software Inc.)

Postdoctoral Position – Hematopoietic Stem Cells and Leukemia (City of Hope National Medical Center)

Postdoctoral Position – Hematopoietic Stem Cell Research (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center)

Postdoctoral Fellowship – Cellular Origin of Blood Cells (European Molecular Biology Laboratory)

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